Saturday, May 1, 2010

Khali and Me!

The great 7 footer Khali is in town -- reiterating our obsession with size once again! While the tabloid article that had my attention was about the size (again) of his bed, i'm sure several others (tabloids, i.e.) have gone on to frivolously talk (just like me) about other not so important things to do with him!

Tracing SIZE back to my own childhood, it began with my dear mother. Back then, she was the sitting duck...victim to all the nasty insinuations that were meant for me.
(to my dear mother)
"She's so thin."
"She's become thin."
"You should feed her blah blah blah ."
"Have you tried blah with her?"
"Don't let her drink so much water while she's eating."
"Make her eat blah ."

The good thing was that she never didn give a damn about the world :D And she had reason not to. She treated me like a human being and not a sacrificial turkey or goat - choose whichever you may - that ought to be stuffed! I was no sickly child either!!

But the "world" will not lie low at being ignored. So when the passage of time had passed...and i had grown from an insignificant tot to a not-so-significant-yet-to-be-deemed-adult, things had transcended to another level - where compliments adorned the garb of a double edged sword.
(to my dear mother)
"She's grown nice and tall. But she hasn't put on any weight. She hasn't changed."
"Don't you feed her well?"

(directly to me)
"Wow! Look how much you've grown! BUT you're still so thin. Don't you eat?"
"Are you trying to maintain your figure?"
Those were the moments when i'd wished people talked to me about the weather!

Well, that also explains why i can't stand people who throw their weight around! *wink wink*


  1. Gosh neva knew u've problem wid ur figure (or da world has problem wateva :P).. i'm to so jealous.. i wish i ws lyk u thn i wouldnt hv to think (or pretend to think) about wat i'm eatin n yess no guilty pangs too :P

  2. Well to set the record straight i don't have any issue with the way i am. Everything else is subject to individual interpretation! ;)