Monday, June 17, 2013

O the things people say…

First they irk you. Then they numb you. Then you dumb them.
May be. May be.

I've written about many brief incidents in what I thought was aptly titled: A day in the life of you know who... and even later in a post on Khali and Me
While I've found the humour in the irony, there are some one-liners that I've heard so often that I do think they deserve a *cough cough* honourable mention, to say the least! And just in good jest, I've categorized them too. With my thought bubble in italics, So here goes...

Most lame remark: 
Arre you toh must not be eating only. 
YeahI live on love and fresh air

Most repeated remark: 
You’re on a diet o’what? 
Yup, I’m that “fat” (no offence) that I need to be on a diet

Most ironic remark: 
From now only you want to maintain your figure haan? 
Stick is a figure you mean?

Most frequently-heard-during-childhood remark: 
What men? You ate anything or just filled your stomach with water? 
I have some more left in the glass. Could I dunk you in it?

Most daft remark: 
You finished eating? You hardly eat. 
I was hungry. I wolfed my meal down. No time to talk about the weather. Hence finished eating. Problem?

Most freely available remark: 
You should eat more. This (referring to my size) is not good. 
I eat. I’m fine thank you. I don’t see the doc as frequently as you, so…

Most bizarre remark: 
You’re lucky – you can find clothes for yourself in the kids section too. 
Pity you – nothing even in the maternity section

Most self-defeating remark: 
You should put on some weight. *turns around speaks to someone else advising them to lose weight* 
*I rest my case* #win

Most paternalistic remark: 
Madam yeh size aapko aayega 
Dude! STOP. I’m skinny..YES. Shrivelled..NO! #ReasonsWhyIHateShopping

Most overrated remark: 
You’ve lost weight! 
Man! Seriously!!  That’s what this blog is all about!

Come to think of it - what would I be posting about if not for these guys! *grin*


  1. i so agree to this eli... especially the doctor one

    1. HEHEHEH -- I wonder what would really happen if those thought bubbles weren't just left in italics! ;)

  2. Super witty. Eli we love you!!

    1. I *heart* you too - for reading and for posting the comment here! ;) *grin* *skinny bear hugs* :P