Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where's the ponch(o) line!?!

'Nuff said about how my "weight" (or more aptly put, the absence of it) has damaged my self esteem and dug crater sized pot holes on my path to self actualization. Will keep some of the other sordid details for another post.

So this time around, i am walking down the street with my mother. We walk past a girl. She (the girl) is wearing a 'kaftan poncho'. Telepathically,  my mother and i are thinking about the same thing - the piece of clothing.

My mother breaks the silence and asks me, "Would U wear something like THAT?"

My reply: "Well, it looked good on her. If i'd ever to wear anything like that...i'd have people raising their hands to salute me."

My mother looked baffled!

I said to her, "It would look like a flag hoisted on a pole."

She smirked.

My point: Being skinny or the oft quoted 'size zero' isnt quite the place to be...

P.S.: My fashion quotient is currently  represented in negative. I didn't know what the aforementioned piece of clothing was called. But i do happen to have a lot of time and Google doesn't mind... ;)


  1. gawdd.. eli.. u luk hott.. if ther wd b ny means to exchange d figures.. i'd be delightd to do that (considering d fact dat u think i'm sexy :P)

  2. Ahem ahem ahem...virtual space mein mera character assassinate karwa rahi hai tu...

  3. lolz :) super awesome ... "It would look like a flag hoisted on a pole." !! *grin grin*

  4. @ KT:
    The feeling is mutual ;)

    @ Varun: