Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing 'The Skinny Genus'

Size (who-the-hell-gives-a-damn-anymore, right?) has been done to death with. And yet for someone who has merely been observing from the sidelines, it's just a new beginning - the beginning of a blog. Scan through all the possible media around and one begins to realise that my first sentence has already been proved redundant. Our OCD with "size" is going nowhere!

My heart, however, goes out to all those poor souls out there who have been reduced to mere guinea pigs with different weight loss regimes. Even the word regime has such a sinister ring to it. Think Nazi Regime. Think Saddam Regime.

OK, i have digressed but i am sure my point has been made!

Anyway this blog is not to empathise or sympathise with those who when they appreciate food don't have to do so in words...their body language literally spells it all out to you! ;) And while the grass does look greener on the other side for those of U conscripted into a mad world that's doing business making your bones brittle, your skin pallid, your self esteem abhorrent...i'd just say welcome to my world!

I am here representing The Skinny Genus. The ones wrongfully maligned and diagnosed to have 'anorexia nervosa' - which is a disorder for heavens sake. BAH! So, what i will be chronicling are the insiders take of 'the naturally not so amply endowed ilk'. My ilk. We are just thin and there are no two ways about that.

And like those proficient in the field of writing (to which i can hardly claim allegiance to), i'd say: Watch this space for more! :P


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW..... Dont worry... BEMAD is always with u... but let me tell u something... whatever the world says... u've always been giving strength to all of us... and u're the strongest amongst us!!! MUAAAHHHHHH!

  2. being a part of the "A few Exxxtra Pounds" category - I would say I look forward to words of wisdom from "The Skinny Gen(i)us"

    C ya more often

  3. @Mansi: i'm a Complan gurl!! Hehe =)
    @Partha: The irony is that i would have liked it to be --

  4. U hv done it again...

    Sabki bolti bandh......


  5. Thanks for the compliment Aly =)