Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a Grin Story

Fact # 1: The Earth is small.
Fact # 2: Some people will say just about anything to have the last word.

Having established the aforementioned facts - which as this bit progresses along will make much more sense - i will get down to this rather silly incident that i obviously was a part of a couple of days ago...

I was to meet a figure of authority (whose name and designation i shall refrain from disclosing. Refer: Fact # 1) for some official purpose. If it already isn't established i must state that we are just about cordial with each other whenever circumstances bring us aamne-saamne... So while i was getting my work done, i was being attacked by a some real quick questions -- none of which deserve a mention.

I hate questions. For some inexplicable reason they make me feel like i'm a convict... But as stated above, i can be cordial. So in a very diplomatically un-like me i dodged the questions with a rather irritating grin pasted across my face.

Just when i thought it was all over (including the questioning)...i got a piece of unwarranted advice:
"You should put on some weight".

With my grin intact i exited the scene of the crime.
My last thoughts were something i've already mentioned. (Refer: Fact # 2)

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