Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Age Miracle

As a representative of the 'Skinny Genus', I continue to exist in the world that's too darn busy making fat people thin and chiding thin people for well, being thin! 

Every once in a while I have to subject myself to this tormenting routine which some other folks seems to thoroughly enjoy: Shopping! 

UGH! Sheer torture... 
Yes, I have ranted not so long ago about  how I never seem to find 'MY' size... But I was rather pleased with my luck (more than myself) a couple of days ago when I swooshed in and out of a store with a decent find. 

Most folks resort to retail therapy to get over other things that are bothering them. I, on the other hand, walk out of a clothing store and find peace by binge shopping at a book store! It's another thing that my wardrobe's empty while by book shelf is bursting at its seams!! 

So I'm walking in and out of stores the other day and decide to catch up on a movie. This movie now is apparently certified as 'A' by the Censor Board. (P.S.: At the end of the movie, yours truly just couldn't help but fathom the 'A' certification! Anyhoo, more on that at a later point). So yeah, I'm in the line purchasing tickets for the show and just as I announce the name of the movie, I'm told that I might have to submit my proof of age. Why? Well, in her words, "because it's an adult movie!"

I'm standing there, stopping myself short of balking back at her and laughing out loud in her face because she's said it in all innocence. So I had to contend myself with just reconfirming her own suggestion back with her.

Oh well, I was never asked for any proof eventually... But yeah makes me think if things continue this way I'll have one more thing I won't be in need of -- anti ageing creams! MWHAHAHA 

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