Monday, April 18, 2011

The Good. Not The Bad Or The Ugly

Being skinny aint been all that bad. In fact there are countless experiences where I didn't have to retort or hang my head in shame because of my not-so-ampleness

Just for the records, I am in my early 20s. 

Yeah, so getting on with those thank-god-I’m-stickly-thin moments.

So here I am walking into a lift or walking down the road or just bumping into acquaintances, people my folks know, people I haven’t seen in a really long time (or maybe it should read as people who haven’t seen me in a really long time!)

Well...we meet. We greet. Surprisingly enough these people are warm. Hardly ever has anyone of these sub species made a caustic remark about physical frame (one more reason to like -- no wait, love these people)
So they ask me how I am (see, I said they were nice)...about my folks... 

And then quite innocently I get asked which "standard" I am studying in ("standard" got replaced by "which year" about 24 months ago). 

It's during those moments that I cannot help blushing. But I have to suppress that stupid grin (These are nice people, remember?) And I have to then sound all modest and propah minus any tone that would strangely enough make it seem like I have been slighted. 'Cuz I haven’t. 

That's where I begin to tell them what exactly I am doing. More specifically how "standard" isn't quite where I’d fit.
And as far as "which year" goes, no sooner do they mathematically calculate my age, I realize that i can now no longer stop beaming...

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  1. I like ur writing Miss Elite!! Guess we both have similar problems about finding the right sized clothes obviously in perfectly antonym ways. I never knew u has such articulating power, would have tried to impress u had i known...anyway keep going great guns. Hope we shall meet sometimeand i shall get a chance to borrow some of ur charm.