Monday, January 17, 2011

A day in the life of U-know-who! ;)

Incident # 1:
Person A: Hey! Nice top. You got it stitched?
Me: Thanxxx. Nope, I've picked it from a store.
Person A: Ooh! And U've really lost weight!!!
Me: *here we go again* I actually wonder if there is any more weight for me to lose!?!

Incident # 2:
Long lost relative A: Hi! How are U doing?
Me: Hey!! I'm doing good. How have U been?
Long lost relative A: I'm fine. So U have a pretty hectic schedule, eh?
Me: *not knowing where this convo is leading* Yheaaa...kinda.....
Long lost relative A: Hmm. And U've lost weight!
Me: *stopping self from rolling my eyes out* Huh? Did I have any to lose in the first place?
Long lost relative B: No! No!! She looks much better than the last time.
Me: *confused as ever*

Incident # 3:
Colleague A: Tell me one do U lose weight?
Me: *slightly startled but just smiles*
Colleague B: Take tension and U will lose weight
Me: *still smiling*
Colleague A: Arrey i put on more weight when i'm tensed
Me: *binge eater*
Colleague C: We (referring to Colleague A) will put on weight when we are under stress and she (referring to me) will lose weight when under stress!
Me: Trying wearing loose clothes :P

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