Saturday, December 25, 2010

Get back time

Having subjected myself to much ridicule at the hands of other people because of my Not-So-Ample frame, writing this blog was perhaps the first step i'd taken in standing up for myself. And yet i know i have along way to tread...

BTW i did some treading a couple of hours ago.

The same old lunch/dinner sequence. Everyone's eating to their heart's content. Except me. 'Cuz I'd already had my fill.

Someone [Person A] offers me more food. I politely decline. I know I'm quite queasy already.
Before i know it the aforementioned "offer" gets transformed into a jibe of sorts.
Person A: See your hands. What are these re?
Me: Skin and bones i reply promptly with the broadest grin i could manage
Person A: But you've always been this way only. How much do you eat? What do you carry for lunch?
Me: Roti sabzi
Person A: You probably end up bringing it home in the evening.

Time to clear the air. So i mentally wear my cape and swoop in down to rescue my old self saying,
I've been looking at some old photographs lately and my parents were no different from what i am right now, you see! What i am is genetic and there's no way anyone can change that, right?

Grinning. With twinkle in the eye.

A somewhat stunned at my response Person A says,
Ya ya...there's nothing wrong with being thin. Any way we do put on weight later. So will you.  And as try as we might to lose any of it, it never happens. don't worry you'll be fine!

Smirking and saying out loud in my head: I am fine, thank you


  1. haha u knw i do the same routine...i rescue myself by pointing out that my mum was 35 kgs...with a waist of 19 ..when she got married :P shuts people up so far :P but not before ive already got my doze of comments :( :)

  2. @Kushal: *grin* :D

    @Amty: A point blank look in the eye when U're saying whatever it is you wanna say reduces the potency of those doses! ;)

    @Anjali: HEH.. Thanxxx :P