Sunday, November 21, 2010

The familiar trap

I am in the process of making my peace with almost everything around me...foremost among them being how i am generally greeted by people when i appear on their radar.

And this is how it goes:
Me: "Heyyy...."
Person on whose radar i have just showed up: "You have lost weight"
Me: *why not hey me back instead*

Of course i cannot understand when, where and how i began losing weight when this is all i have ever been.
And "You have lost weight" is all i have ever heard!

Another interesting thing about this "You have lost weight" statement is that it could be followed by any punctuation mark - full stop [.] , exclamation mark [!], question mark [?], or even a series of three dots [...] - and the facial reactions, the intended and actual impact created are still the same...

This whole bit gets turned on its head, when i go 'people watching'!!!
Pardon me, but i simply can't help but notice when people i either know or do not know appear s(t)ickly thin. I actually think to myself, 'Boii, aint i doing so much better for myself!'

Hell yhea..i even wince to myself the moment after i have entertained that thought 'cuz i find myself falling into a rather familiar trap.

Solution: I bite my tongue hard enough not to say it to a person's face that they have in fact lost weight -- or for that matter gained weight -- and it makes my conscience feel good.
At the end of the day, i am of the opinion that it is demeaning to anybody's self esteem to have 'other' people pass comments on their body type...

P.S.: If U hear me saying that i can never tell whether a person has lost or gained weight, U know why! ;)

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