Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shoe-ed off

Phew! Inertia.

Must write next about how skinny folks like yours truly do also succumb to the vice of sloth. I mean come to think about it popular media would always draw your attention to "a big fat slob" right? (emphasis being on fat)
And yet for the longest time ever, my mother's only constant grouse against me has been my laziness.
Yes, I should cover that in my next post. (Soon! ULP!!)

Back to my world, things have been "peachy".
And as is the case with all my encounters -- skinniness comes to the fore mostly whilst shopping. Arrgh! The bane of my existence. shopping, that is. Worse still, I wasn't shopping for clothes, but shoes. YHEA. SHOES!!

So in this classic display of the highest forms of creative license being claimed to be held by the writers of the story of my life, I encounter being remarked at for my not-so-ample-frame while I go shoe shopping.

E.X.C.U.S.E. M.E.!

Story goes like this -- I'm in dire need of sports shoes. Desperately barging in and out of stores, showrooms (you name it..) to no avail. However at some forsaken moment I decide to lower the bar of my expectations and slip my not so dainty feet (as opposed to the case with clothing, shoe shopping hasn't been easy because apparently my feet are too big for a lady! Hmph!) and try out a few pairs.
There I am, strutting about the carpeted floor getting a sense of how unlike this surface really is as compared to the craters I am going to have to either dodge or walk through out there in the real world, when the sales guy suddenly happens to say: "I would not recommend this pair for you. Since you don't weigh much, you could try something from the other range of shoes we have..."
Uhm, quite honestly he lost me when he uttered the forbidden word "weight".

Next thing he knew I was on my way out.

Could MY life get any funnier?

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