Monday, October 7, 2013


This representative of the skinny genus has been MIA busy updating experiences from a very refreshing and inspiring holiday

And while part of my head still continues to feel up in the clouds, my tummy in particular has been in a nomnomnom mode for a while. 

Just to make this even more visual – *open mouth, point finger in*

So what does that translate into? 
The need to snack in-between meals.
Spending more time on Zomato than Facebook
Purchasing a cookery book with the 9 others that are fiction

I have never, NEVER snacked (or been the kind who did) between meals. I ate my portions – three times a day. And I was sorted. Now suddenly I’m far from sorted. It may not seem as such a big deal but to me it is. 

How did it come down to satiate the need to munch at 10 when you’ve breakfasted at 7, pace around impatiently around 3 when you’ve lunched and leeched other people’s lunch too at 1, then repeat exercise from 5 to about 7, grab a bite around the corner with your street food vendor friend (if you stop by every other day he becomes your friend), get home to eat dinner only to scan the kitchen moments later for a pre-midnight snack, some how sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night because you can hear your tummy rumbling…wake up in the morning for a breakfast and repeat the cycle

Phew! When, why and how exactly did this happen? 

But more than my own disbelief, it’s the extreme reactions I still continue to attract that continue to keep me entertained:

 “I doubt you’re going to be able to eat all of that!” 
"You’re going to eat all that AND that?” 
“What’s wrong with you? Hungry and eating all the time? Go check you weight!” 
“Hey, here please help me finish my food”

Even better is when friends call you to catch up over a binge eating fest!

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