Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hashtag: Adam Teasing

Commuting from work on my way back home, I was walking up the foot over bridge trying to find the narrowest way out from the sluggish mob to my way to the top. I still cannot seem to fathom why humans move as directionless-ly (if not more) than cattle itself? It'll continue to be my grouse until the day I'm buried six feet beneath the earth. More on that some other time though...

So yeah, here I was trying to find my way when lo and behold I was most surprised ( and a bit overawed) to find myself right behind a guy with a waist so thin I had to look up to the back of his head to make sure he was really a HE! You know what I mean.

And then I posted this statement as an update: So if I see a guy with the narrowest waist ever and make a comment about it -- is it #AdamTeasing?

Funny as it may sound, for a moment I found myself wondering whether I was really guilty of something?

Or is it that gender stereotypes are so firmly engraved within our 'thoughtDNA' that it's okay to look the other way, if it's the reverse.
Take for instance a situation where a woman is crying. No one stops to make a big deal about it. It's okay for women to cry. A man cries and it's a big deal in the most unpleasant way for that guy. Gender stereotypes. Period.

In that same vein, I am yet to read anything about anorexic men. Or skinny men. It's almost as if they don't exist. But they do. This one (with a waist-line thinner than 'yours truly' was for real!).

Any one any thoughts?

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