Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cupboard Cleansing

People have poked jibes. I, in turn, have developed a self deprecatory sense of humour and all seems hunky dory.
Well, guess what? It's not.
And in any case this blog is all about nothing being hunky dory 'cuz being 'skinny' does not permit it. I am yet to fully comprehend the hullabaloo surrounding 'size zero'. I share a meal with people and all i hear of food being unhealthy.  About how it's high time they followed a diet regime or joined the gym or exercised or did yoga or may be even starved!
I don't get it.

People's woes revolve around how they desperately want to fit into their clothes...and not out of them. What they wouldn't do to flaunt their well toned and trimmed assets...
I get this...and i empathize

I empathize only because i exist on the other end of this drama... Yep, drama it is. And i'll tell U why. A couple of days ago i got down to clearing my cupboard up. Now my cupboard isn't the quintessential girl's cupboard bursting at its seams...i believe in living in moderation (more on that -- but another post!). But nevertheless i find myself in possession of clothes i've never worn.
Before U watertight compartmentalize me into being the quintessential girl, i'll let U in on a secret.
I am in possession of clothes i secretly hope and pray that i can 'fill' into perfectly and not have belts suspended to hold 'em in place or reduce my shoulders to hangars on a hook or wait to have 'em altered to 'fit' me right so i aint floating.

So while i had to dispose the clothes i couldn't forsee myself 'filling' into i despise my fate 'cuz this means i WILL have to go shopping and find something(s) more suitable for my frame (more on this one too in another post).



  1. Wen do we go shopping.......
    :-D :-D :-D

  2. When we find the right place to go... :-|

  3. which is a big ??????considering ur latest article......